Same Product, Different Manufacturers

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  1. David

    And the project will use Manufacturer #3, who may also have test data claiming superiority, but whose primary advantage is a 2% lower material cost – based on the $ saved by not doing lunch-and-learns.

  2. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    2 manufactures and still the same time on the wall clock. Unless it’s another day.

    • Random Architect

      It’s a parallel universe.

    • Flit

      I would assume that Manuf#2 is probably a month or so later, but still at lunch time.

  3. raymond

    knowing that the real purpose of the lunch and learn is to feed my team, I would always schedule them on different days…

  4. Tim

    Some manufacturers create their own ASTM test so they can say they are better because they are the only one that uses that test. This is a very common practice done by roofing manufacturers. You have to know what are the nationally/industry recognized tests and which ones are for a specific manufacturer.

  5. Anon E Mouse

    Even better is the rep who has been calling on you for YEARS badmouthing the competitor’s product, then suddenly shows up WORKING FOR the formerly awful manufacturer. Those are always fun explanations to listen to.

  6. Anne

    And we all know that the product doesn’t make any difference. I would rather have a 2nd grade material installed by a 1st grade installer — than the other way around.

    • Le Courvoisier